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Work Placements

Internships and Voluntary Work

We will endeavour to place you within the sector that best suits your needs.  Or, why not try something different, therefore enhancing your skills and knowledge. This is the most effective way to improve your English by practically applying it and using it on a daily basis.  You will be able to do this within your placement, therefore enabling you to become more confident in your spoken English.

Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. The overall Programme objectives are to:

  • boost skills and employability
  • modernise education, training and youth work
  • focus on young people

As an active organisation within these areas we can offer structured work experience, job shadowing and training. We welcome participants who wish to take part in a mobility project (Vocational Education and Training (VET)) and we are keen to work with you to progress ideas.

We are also accredited under the Erasmus+ Volunteering Service (EVS) as a receiving organisation. We work with other accredited organisations across Europe on projects, enabling young people to engage in charitable work.

We have an expanding organisation and business portfolio for internships, voluntary work and Erasmus+ mobility projects, all eager to provide you with the skills and knowledge that will benefit your future. These include:

RetailInformation TechnologyCommunity Projects
HospitalityMarketingCharity Work
EngineeringCommunity Careand many more !


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If you’re a ‘people person’, then retail is the industry for you. Interacting with the general public and developing a huge range of transferable skills which can be used in many sectors.

You will be using your learnt English every day, meeting lots of people whilst expanding your vocabulary.


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Whether you’re a concierge in a hotel, or a kitchen porter working behind the scenes, every time you come into work, you’re making someone’s day that little bit brighter.

This is a very people-oriented industry. Hospitality is creative. You are creating a product – be that food, drink or an experience and there is always scope to dream up new ways of making it more enjoyable for your customers. Every country in the world has a hospitality industry and the skills you learn here are readily transferable, meaning that a career in hospitality can very easily be the key to discovering new countries, new cultures and new people.

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If you enjoy hairstyling and like meeting a variety of different people, this could be the perfect job for you. Hairdressers cut, colour, and shape clients hair to create the look they want.

You could bring your own creative ideas to the salons here in the UK and return home with new ones!

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Information Technology

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There is great competition amongst top employers for people who are personable, ambitious and have an IT/computer science background. It is therefore vital, to keep updating yourself and stay in touch with current issues.

IT is increasingly a global business which presents opportunities. This is a profession that offers the opportunity to work around the globe. This role can be highly creative. You can apply your talent to creating technology, or your charm and insight to help people make the most out of it!  It would be very impressive on your CV to include the valued experience you have obtained in this role in the UK.

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This industry offers a wide range of roles, from social media and website management to grapgic design and photography.

Many businesses rely on their marketing departments to create unique and appealing content for their social media platforms, website, flyers, posters, printed banners etc. and these are only some of the tasks you could take part in!

If you already have experience in Marketing, this might be the perfect opportunity to come to the UK and further develop your knowledge.

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Administrative skills are highly useful if you are intending to work in an office environment. These are some of the tasks you might take part in if you decide to do an admin internship in Bristol:

  • Help screen incoming calls
  • Manage the post and email
  • Filing
  • Greet visitors and provide refreshments if required
  • Photocopying and binding
  • Updating of contact lists
  • Scheduling meeting rooms
  • Formatting documents


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Learning skills and knowledge is one of the most fundamental and rewarding progressions in life. We believe you should never stop learning, to expand, cultivate and enlighten yourself.

There are several options open to you should you choose this sector for experience including classroom, nursery or preschool assistant.

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Community & Charity

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This area of experience can be extremely rewarding!

  • can you collaborate with others and come up with new opportunities or creative solutions to problems?
  • do you want to contribute and feel included in society in a positive way?
  • are you enthusiastic, initiative and have a ‘can do’ approach?
  • can you work alone or be part of a team?

If you answer yes to any of the above and feel inspired you will be offered a variety of placements which includes fund raising, agriculture, elderly care, community support etc.

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If you are passionate about sport, then this could be an area for you to gain great overseas experience in the flourishing sporting industry.

You will predominantly be within the primary school sector, but we also have opportunities in other areas of sport which can be accessed if you have previous sporting experience or qualifications.

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I was worried about getting around in Bristol, but the bus system is simple and frequent, it made going out and getting to work much easier than I had expected.
Matías, 26
I definitely want to return to Bristol, I loved it from the moment I got there. You will learn so much and your English will improve more than you could ever imagine, it’s an amazing experience.
Marina, 18
I felt homesick at first, but the supervisors helped me and showed me all the things I could do, thanks to their 24-hour support, I made new friends and had a fantastic social life while I was there. I’ve kept in touch with everyone I’ve met.
Camila, 21

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