If you are looking for an internship or work placement through the Erasmus+ programme, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. At UK Intern Development we use a profile-matching system which ensures you get a work placement in the industry you are interested in. IT is one of the industries in highest demand. An internship in IT can help you move forward in your career.

IT work placements

Jobs market is becoming more and more competitive and consequently, most employers are looking for experience as well as academic qualifications. A work placement offers you the chance to gain valuable experience, spending time working for an employer and carrying out tasks as any other employee of the company would.

IT work placements are one of the most demanded work experiences as this industry keeps growing year on year.

Role description: support specialists solving the problems of business customers or consumers. Their role will involve performing more hands-on and technical roles whist being trained by senior colleagues.


Key skills required:

Time management : Being organised and good at managing your time is one of the skills companies most ask for. Getting things done and being able to commit to deadlines are two very valuable skills.

Analytical and problem-solving skills: In a ever changing environment, being able to solve problems using your experience and knowledge is more valuable than ever. IT is a very dynamic industry and so its problems are. Observing, analysing and being proactive are the main skills that will be required for this industry,

Communication skills: It´s not all about doing a good job, it’s also about being able to communicate how you did it. When doing a work placement abroad, this can seem really difficult. At UK Intern, we make sure you receive the support you need. Therefore, we offer tailor-made English courses that can help you improve your communication skills. You will learn how to interact with your colleagues and write professional emails.

Patience and diplomacy: Patient is also key to problem solving. Sometimes problems seem impossible to solve but you just need to keep trying different things. Never give up and make sure that you communicate your progress to your project leader.


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