Marketing work placements

If you like social media, advertising and communication strategies you should definitely consider doing a marketing internship with us! Marketing is a very dynamic industry and includes a very wide range of tasks, strategies and jobs.

There are some of the tasks you might take part in when doing a marketing placement:

  • Social Media
  • Client management and online support
  • Creating content for blogs and websites (from copy to images, including videos and creative content)
  • Translations of content if applicable
  • Conducting research on consumer insights and competitive brands.
  • Website management and updates
  • Newsletter

What should you expect?

Businesses rely on their marketing departments to create unique and appealing content for their social media platforms, website, flyers, posters, printed banners etc.

Interns are often given a chance to explore the creative process by assisting with the creation of client projects or learning how to use design software. Depending on the intern’s comfort level and experience, he might learn through job shadowing a mentor or by directly contributing his ideas and designs to the assignment.

Doing a Marketing internship could be very beneficial for your career as it would provide you with work experience in a real business. It also shows your independence and ability of carrying out Marketing taks in English!


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