Why is this a great placement?

Well, as we all know, bustling modern day life relies heavily on advanced technology. There is great competition amongst top employers for people who are personable, ambitious and have an IT/computer science background. It is, therefore, vital, to keep updating yourself and stay in touch with current issues.


                                                              Why the UK?

Firstly, having done work experience somewhere outside of your home country is far more impressive to employers/universities than just having stayed in your comfort zone. This shows you have initiative, courage, communicational skills and on top of all that, that you have gained first-hand experience of working life, English culture and being in an unknown country.


Why Bristol?

Secondly, Bristol has an impressive array of distinct offices and companies, all of whom are willing to take you on! Bristol also proudly boasts the two extremes; the bustling, fast-paced city life, as well as the relaxed, quiet, laid-back option. Being in such a diverse city allows you to experience the two completely opposite sides of the spectrum, all while bulking up your CV.



Why IT?

IT is increasingly a global business which presents many opportunities. This is a profession that offers the opportunity to work around the globe. This role can be highly creative. You can apply your talent to creating technology, or your charm and insight to help people make the most out of it! The point is, IT can be for everyone. If you’re quiet and shy, you can opt for the behind-the-scenes office work, however, if you’re a confident and outgoing person, you can focus on the sales or secretarial side of it.


How does it work?




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