Are you a Bristol-based business and looking for an intern? Do you think your company could benefit from an intern but don’t know how to find one? At UK Intern Development, we are specialists in finding the perfect intern for you company at absolute no cost.

UK Intern Development is a non-profit organisation based in Bristol. We pride ourselves in providing interns and young persons, through internships and voluntary placements.  This is a great opportunity  for them to improve their English, gain valuable life skills, cultural awareness and work experience. But it also helps communities and local businesses.

The lenght of their stay and placement is fairly flexible and we always try our best to ensure we find the right candidate for your comany.

How do we do it?

We use a profile-match system that helps us find matches between students and companies looking for interns. 


If you are concerned about who to ask questions or if there is anyone there for you if you have a problem or unforeseen circumstances, don’t worry! We’ve got it all covered!

In addition to our 24/7 emergency number, we offer tutoring as part of every package, meaning that both students and business have an assigned tutor that can answer your questions and address any concerns. 


Sectors include retail, hospitality, admin, charity work, community care, education etc. But if your company is not in one of those sectors, please get in touch anyway, we are always looking for new opportunities!

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