Have you ever considered hosting an intern? Take a look at these reasons and contact us to get on our portfolio today!

Expanding into international markets?

If you are considering exploring or expanding into an international market, having an international student in your team could be highly beneficial.

International students can be a very valuable asset to your company. Furthermore, their knowledge of their country’s language, culture and shopping habits will help you build a strategic business plan when entering those markets. And this is only the first step to becoming a global company!


Is creativity important to your company? Looking for innovative solutions?

Enriching your company with employees from different cultural background can be a great way of finding new solutions for ongoing problems. It can also unlock markets previously unconsidered.  Thus, by diversifying your collaborators origins, you will have access to different points of view and widen your perspectives.

**TOP TIP: Give one of your employees a creative task and ask them to teach the students how they would carry it out step by step. Furthermore, when working in pairs, students can share their knowledge and questions and come up with innovative solutions together – Remember, it’s all about thinking out of the box!

Motivation and flexibility:

Motivated employees can lead to increased productivity and allow an organisation to achieve better results. In addition to this, students are dynamic and many dream of putting into practice what they’ve learnt at school. Besides, they are highly motivated and willing to take part in any of your projects!



At UK Intern Development we make sure both students and businesses get the best experience. How do we achieve this? We profile match students based on your requirements.

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