Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry that requires the ability to adapt constantly to customers’ changing needs and desires, as the customer’s satisfaction, safety and enjoyment are particularly the focus of tourism businesses. Work placements in this industry give you a clear insight of what working in this industry is like.


Although many of us have been “tourists”, at some point,  defining what tourism actually is can be difficult. Tourism is the activities of people traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for leisure or other purposes.


Since 2010, tourism has been the fastest growing sector in the UK in employment terms, according to Visit Britain. Britain is forecast to have a tourism industry worth over £257 billion by 2025, predicting to grow at an annual rate of 3.8% through to 2025. This is much faster than other prominent sectors, such as manufacturing, construction and retail.


We offer a number of work experience placements each year to students interested in pursuing a career in tourism. Most students take up placements as a part of their vocational college courses or opt to seek work experience during their university vacations. Doing a work placement in the hospitality industry is also a great way to iprove your English level. Tourism placements give you the opportunity to interact with customers and meet people from all over the world.




Hospitality and Tourism internships offer first-hand experience in some of the most well-known tourism destinations in Bristol. There are many aspects of a hospitality and tourism internship, such as operation management, event planning, marketing, and customer service. If you are keen to learn more about Bristol’s history and tourist attractions, please contact us today and book your internship for this winter!


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