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Funding and Fees

Independent Funding

We can accept individuals or groups who wish to fund the experience themselves. The costs would include:

  • accommodation¬†(inclusive of bed, breakfast and evening meal)
  • transfer
  • transport costs whilst in Bristol
  • arrangement of placement
  • mentoring/safe guarding

The work placement would be as a volunteer or as an intern.

If this is your option for funding, please contact us for more detailed coatings.

Erasmus+ Funding

Erasmus+ is open to organisations across all sectors of education, training, youth and sport. Any organisation actively involved in these areas may apply for funding.

As a participating organisation we welcome participants receiving support from Erasmus+.

Learn more

If you have any question, please contact us.

Language Courses

Depending on your requirement, short and long term English courses are available throughout the year.  Please contact us for further details and course fees.


Bristol is an amazing place and the family i stayed with were very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone.
Alba, 20
I really enjoyed my time in Bristol. My work placement was really enjoyable and i learnt a lot of new skills.
Monse, 21
The family i stayed with were really nice. I will definitely keep in touch. My whole time in Bristol was great. I would like to come back.
Jorge, 19