Considering doing an internship or work experience abroad? We’ve listed some of the reasons why you should definitely do it below.

Real world experience abroad:

An internship gives you the opportunity to work in a professional environment. Interns are mentored by their supervisor who can advise on solutions when you encounter a problem. This is a great way of understanding your career options. If you want to find out more about the main sectors you can do a work placement in, click here.

CV building:

As a college or university students, sometimes it seems difficult to find relevant work experience to include in your CV. Work placements are key to building your CV and presenting your strengths. Furthermore, work experiences give you relevant answers to some of the questions in your interview.

Time Management:

Did you know that time management is key to a successful career? Working as an intern gives you the chance to experience working with multiple projects and meeting deadlines. It’s also a great way of learning how to prioritize tasks and improve your team working skills.


In  addition, you will gain connections in the industry and learn how people interact in professional environment. Doing an internship abroad through the Erasmus + programme, encourages you to learn more about the sector in a different country. This experience will make your CV stand out from others.

Improve your language skills:

Communication is key in most jobs. Being able to communicate in English will add extra value to your CV boosting your career prospects. This will open the door to many job opportunities in native English-speaking countries such us United States, Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand etc.

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