If you are considering participating in an Erasmus+ programme but not sure whether you’d be eligible for a grant, check out this blog post. Erasmus+ provides students in higher education with the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for three to 12 months as part of their course.  This opportunity is also available to staff and students looking for work experience abroad. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and find out more about the European Commision funding .



Can I take part in a Erasmus + programme?

If you are still not sure whether you could participate in the Erasmus+ programme, here’s a list of things you could check to find out if you are eligible for this programme.

  1. You are registered at a university or college that holds an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education
  2. If you are carrying out higher education studies leading to a recognised degree (or other recognised tertiary level qualification). This also includes doctorate studies and PhDs.
  3. You need to be enrolled in a short-term higher vocational education course, which includes foundation degree courses, or a part-time student.
  4. Students from all academic disciplines can participate so if you are not sure whether there are any Erasmus+ opportunities for you, check with your university or college.






Once you are accepted in an Erasmus+ programme, you will receive a grant. Your institution will receive this grant and transfer it to you. This grant contributes towards the extra costs that you may encounter from studying abroad. However, depending on the country you choose, you might need to top this up with private funding.

For the academic year 2018-19, the grant equates to €130 more per month than the minimum amount set by the European Commission.

For work abroad or traineeships and internships, grants are as below:

  • Up to €450 per month for higher cost of living countries or
  • Up to €400 per month for medium/lower cost of living countries
  • Plus additional €20 per month for disadvantaged students on top of this higher grant amount.

More info on grants here

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