7 tips on how to find an internship and accommodation in the UK

Looking for new work opportunities abroad? Just finished uni and would like to move abroad to improve your English? Considering doing an internship to gain work experience abroad? In this blog post we will give you 7 top tips to find an internship and accommodation in England, UK. Find out if you need a Visa: [...]

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How to include volunteering and internships in your CV / resume

Have you done any volunteering work or internships and not sure how to list it in your CV? In this blog post we will tell you how to do so and the main advantages of doing it. The first question that springs to mind when writing your CV is: Should I add that work experience [...]

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Looking for host families in Bristol – HOST FAMILIES WANTED!

Why becoming a host family with UK Intern Development? If you have a spare room and would like to make extra cash by hosting International students, WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU! We are looking for host families who would like to host our Erasmus+ students. If you live in Clifton, Bristol City Centre, Redland, Filton, [...]

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5 tips to find the perfect Erasmus+ internship in the UK!

If you are a student in vocational education this is a great way of gaining work experience in another country. Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, students, teachers and youth organisations can also take part in this scheme.  As an individual, you will have to refer to your educational institution or youth centre who will be able [...]

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Erasmus+, why you should do an internship abroad

Considering doing an internship or work experience abroad? We’ve listed some of the many benefits of doing it below.   Real world experience abroad: An internship gives you the opportunity to work in a professional environment. Interns are mentored by their supervisor who can advise on solutions when you encounter a problem. This is a [...]

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5 Benefits of hosting a Marketing intern!

Considering hosting an intern? Not sure what this would involve? Check out these 5 reasons why you should definitely host a student! All our students are highly skilled and self-motivated meaning that they will provide your business with that extra enthusiasm needed especially in summer!. They are willing to take part in your daily tasks, [...]

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Why you need an admin intern!

As a small/medium-business owner or director, you might be responsible for overseeing many areas of your business. Administrative tasks can sometimes be laborious and time-consuming, yet crucial to efficient day-to-day operations in any company.  Having an extra pair of hands that you can liaise some of these tasks with will not only provide you with [...]

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Could your company benefit from an international intern?

Have you ever considered hosting an intern? Take a look at these reasons and contact us to get on our portfolio today! Expanding into international markets? If you are considering exploring or expanding into an international market, having an international student in your team could be highly beneficial. International students can be a very valuable [...]

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