At UK Intern Development, we love feedback so we asked one of our students to share his experience in Bristol. Have a look at his inspiring testimonial and don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about doing an internship or work placement in Bristol.

Mirco, 19:

“As soon as the opportunity of spending three months abroad was offered to me, I took it immediately.

Based on my experience, spending some time far from home makes you grow up and opens your mind to a new way of life besides the fact the it helps you improve your knowledge quickly.


Doubtless, Bristol is one of the best places to do it, for work placements, cultural opportunity and its cosmopolitan environment.  Bristol is the perfect location for visiting other cities and doing different activities.


My experience with my first host family was quite hard at the beginning.  I wasn’t happy there but the organisation (UK Intern Development) never left me alone. They sorted out my homestay situation which meant that I was able to finish my experience in the best way.


I have had 2 different placements.  One was office based which gave me lots of experience in an office environment.  My placement in St Peters Hospice Retail Shop has given me many other skills.  I have improved my language skills and myself as a person.  And I have also been given many tasks and responsibilities.  The kindness and helpfulness of staff have meant that I have thoroughly enjoy my experience.


Therefore, I recommend to everyone who would like to improve themselves and their language skills to do their internship in a charity shop”.

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