6 raisons pour lesquelles un stage serait profitable à votre carrière

Passet aux autres candidats. Vous allez acquérir de précieuses connaissance sur l’industrie Gagner des connaissances internes à l’entreprise dans votre domaine vous aidera à comprendre comment vous préparer pour de futurs entretiens. L’expérience de l’entreprise vous aidera aussi à décider si vous êtes dans le domaine qui vous convient ou non. Votre réseau de contacts [...]

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Pourquoi un stage est important ?

Que veut exactement dire stage ? Un stage est une sorte de travail temporaire dans une entreprise où vous travaillerez sur une tâche plus ou moins importante dans le but d’acquérir de l’expérience et un aperçu d’une industrie. Le travail peut énormément varier mais si vous êtes bien préparés et préventifs, vous serez dans la possibilité [...]

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IT Internships and work placements in Bristol, UK – Erasmus+ programme and independent funding

Considering doing an internship abroad? Pursuing a career in the IT industry but don't know how to get your foot in the door? This blog post is for you! Find out how to get an internship in the UK and improve your English level while gaining work experience.   Acquiring relevant work experience through an internship is [...]

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5 things to do in Bristol in May

1. No Man's Land Exhibition at Bristol Cathedral When: 6th April - 1st July Where: Bristol Cathedral No Man's Land offers rarely-seen female perspectives on the First World War, featuring images taken by women who worked as nurses, ambulance drivers, and official photographers, as well as contemporary artists directly inspired by the conflict. Commemorating the [...]

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6 reasons why an internship could benefit your career

Spending time working for a company will give you new skills to add to your CV. It’ll demonstrate to future employers that you can use your initiative and are dedicated to your career. Many of the skills you gain through doing an internship can give you an advantage over other applicants. 1. You will gain valuable industry [...]

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Work placements, find a volunteer in Bristol – UK Intern Development

We are looking for businesses and community organisations based in Bristol area to join our portfolio and find the perfect volunteer! Our European students have an excellent level of English and a variety of skills from different sectors of work. They are wishing to share their knowledge and skills with you as well as enhance [...]

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How to improve your communication skills?

According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communication skills are listed as the most important quality sought in job candidates. Do you want to know how to improve your communciation skills? Check out this blog post!   There are many things to do that can improve your communication skills but here’s [...]

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10 tips to make the most of your placement in Bristol

Wake Up Early Rise at sunrise to have the best attractions all to yourself while avoiding crowds. It’s also a magical time for photos due to soft diffused light, and usually easier to interact with locals.   2.  Observe Daily Life If you really want to get a feel for Bristol, spend a few hours [...]

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Erasmus + Funding – All you need to know about the European Commision grants

If you are considering participating in an Erasmus+ programme but not sure whether you'd be eligible for a grant, check out this blog post. Erasmus+ provides students in higher education with the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for three to 12 months as part of their course.  This opportunity is also available to staff and students [...]

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