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“Bristol is the best place to do an internship in the UK”

At UK Intern Development, we love feedback so we asked one of our students to share his experience in Bristol. Have a look at his inspiring testimonial and don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about doing an internship or work placement in Bristol. Mirco, 19: "As soon as the opportunity of spending three [...]

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How to include volunteering and internships in your CV / resume

Have you done any volunteering work or internships and not sure how to list it in your CV? In this blog post we will tell you how to do so and the main advantages of doing it. The first question that springs to mind when writing your CV is: Should I add that work experience [...]

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5 tips to find the perfect Erasmus+ internship in the UK!

If you are a student in vocational education this is a great way of gaining work experience in another country. Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, students, teachers and youth organisations can also take part in this scheme.  As an individual, you will have to refer to your educational institution or youth centre who will be able [...]

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IT Internships and work placements in Bristol, UK – Erasmus+ programme and independent funding

Considering doing an internship abroad? Pursuing a career in the IT industry but don't know how to get your foot in the door? This blog post is for you! Find out how to get an internship in the UK and improve your English level while gaining work experience.   Acquiring relevant work experience through an internship is [...]

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How to improve your communication skills?

According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communication skills are listed as the most important quality sought in job candidates. Do you want to know how to improve your communciation skills? Check out this blog post!   There are many things to do that can improve your communication skills but here’s [...]

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Erasmus + Funding – All you need to know about the European Commision grants

If you are considering participating in an Erasmus+ programme but not sure whether you'd be eligible for a grant, check out this blog post. Erasmus+ provides students in higher education with the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for three to 12 months as part of their course.  This opportunity is also available to staff and students [...]

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How to include work experience in your CV?

Work Experience is one of the most important sections of your CV so it’s essential that you use proactive language when describing your achievements, e.g: achieved, formulated, planned, broadened, generated, managed, represented. When you haven't got much paid work experience, or your paid work experience is less relevant to the role you’re applying to, the [...]

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Bristol European City of Sport 2017

Did you know Bristol has been awarded European City of Sport 2017? Bristol (alongside 15 other European cities) has been awarded the prestigious title of European City of Sport 2017. This is in recognition of: our great sports facilities our current physical activity levels success of local sports clubs  and sporting events how Bristol works together [...]

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Italian PON programme – learn English abroad

What is the PON programme? PON stands for Programma Operativo Nazionale (National Operative Program). The Italian Ministry of Education manages the programme and its application. The programme leaders allocate funds from the European Union into Italian public schools. It also promotes initiatives aiming at ensuring high quality in the national education and training system.   [...]

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