Looking for new work opportunities abroad? Just finished uni and would like to move abroad to improve your English? Considering doing an internship to gain work experience abroad? In this blog post we will give you 7 top tips to find an internship and accommodation in England, UK.

  1. Find out if you need a Visa:

It is very important that you plan ahead as some Visas can take up to 4 months to get approved. The UK Government website has an easy online questionnaire that will help you find out whether you need a Visa.  If you are a citizen of any country in the European Economic Area (EEA), you currently have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom without a Visa.

2. Find out your English level:

If you’re applying for jobs or internships in the UK, you should include your English level in your CV. Most companies want to know at what level you’re able to communicate. If you want to find out your English level, you can use this test created by the British Council.

3. Update your CV:

Make sure you include all relevant experience and achievements. Having a look at examples of professional CVs might be quite beneficial too. And if you’re not sure how to include unpaid work experience in your CV, take a look at this blog post. If you already have a particular industry in mind, your CV should be tailored to this industry’s required skills.

4. Find the perfect city!

Do some research about England and the best places to do an internship in the UK. We suggest you find a multicultural city as they tend to offer more work experience opportunities for overseas students. If you are already considering the South West, you should definitely look for internships in Bristol and here’s why!

5. Find a language school

Once you’ve decided what city you’d like to move to, you should find a language school. An internship abroad is not only a great opportunity to gain work experience, but also a great opportunity to improve your language skills. Make sure you find a course adequate to your level, so you can make the most of this experience.

6. Accommodation:

Finding a flat in the UK can be quite difficult and expensive. Most landlords require you to have a bank account in the UK or will not accept your application unless you have a full-time job. Therefore, we strongly recommend finding a host family. Host families are a great way of learning more about the British culture, whilst practising your English.

7. Find an internship:

Finding an internship can be tricky as you might be looking for it whilst in your country. Some employers might be willing to have a Skype interviews, but others will not consider your application unless you can participate in an interview. At UK Intern Development, we have a large portfolio of businesses in Bristol, so if you are looking for an internship in Marketing, Admin, Communications, Design, Logistics, Education or any other industries, please get in touch. We also provide accommodation in local host families, as well as discounts for English courses, bus passes and excursions.


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